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Engagements allow you to target messages to the people chatting to your FAQ Bot, depending on where and when they are chatting.

Welcome messages are part of engagements, and can be set up with other engagements in the actions section of the portal. 

What is an engagement?

An engagement is a message or group of messages, and/or live chat request, sent by your FAQ Bot when certain conditions are met. The engagement messages can take the form of rich text (including formatting and links) and/or buttons or video carousels.

When can engagements be triggered?

Conversation start

Engagements can be triggered at the start of a conversation. This type of engagement used to be called a welcome message, and is typically used for a welcome, greeting, or introduction to what the bot can do.


Question count – premium feature

If you have a premium plan, you can also trigger engagements on question counts – eg after the bot has answered five questions. Some FAQ Bot customers have used this to introduce lead capture for engaged users.


Question category - premium feature

An engagement can be triggered when someone asks a question (or a set number of questions) tagged with a specific category.


Engagement event – premium feature

An engagement can be triggered from another named engagement – allowing you to set up sequences of messages within the bot.

Your engagement can also be triggered by an event on a webpage – for example clicking a button on the page displays a specific message within your FAQ bot.

Try out an engagement event – click one of the buttons on this page.

Form completed - premium feature

When a customer completes a chat form, an engagement can be triggered in addition to the standard form complete message.

Form abandoned - premium feature

When a customer abandons a chat form, an engagement can be triggered in addition to the standard form exit message.

No answer(s) - premium feature

When the bot can’t return an answer, once or a set number of times, an engagement can be set to override normal behaviour after the message “I’m sorry I don’t know the answer…”. This could be used to trigger a live chat request, for example.

Web search - premium feature

When a web search result is returned, an engagement can also be triggered.

Live chat ended - premium feature

When a live chat is ended by an agent, an engagement can be triggered. An example could be a feedback question or form.

Where can engagements be triggered?


Engagement appears wherever the bot appears (all channels and web pages)

Only on a specific channel

For example, only on Facebook Messenger, or only on Microsoft Teams.

Education New Zealand used this engagement feature to display different engagements on Facebook Messenger to those on their web instance of Tohu.

Only on a specific URL

Either a URL that starts with certain text, or a URL which contains certain text.
Education New Zealand used this in creating Tohu’s engagements to create region-specific welcome messages.

What kinds of engagements can I create in FAQ Bot

Engagements can be set up to:

  • trigger live chat (if enabled)

  • send message(s) to the user

  • trigger live chat (if enabled) and send message(s) to the user 


Engagement messages can include:

  • up to two (optional) rich text messages, plus either

  • Buttons, or

  • A video carousel

Button engagements

All buttons display the button text you specify, on the button.
When pressed, the button can:

  • Say Button Text to the bot to process

  • Say Reply Text – which is specified separate to the button text - to the bot to process

  • Trigger an Action. Actions available are change language, trigger a form and trigger an engagement event

  • Open a specified URL in a new tab

Video engagements

Video Engagements can be set up with one or more videos in carousel format.
Videos include a Title, Subtitle and YouTube Video URL (and/or, if your FAQ Bot also appears on Facebook Messenger, a Facebook Video URL).

Check out Education New Zealand’s use of video carousels in their welcome messages.

Where to configure your engagements

​Configure engagements in the Engagements section, under Actions in the FAQ Bot Portal.

​When you click New Engagement you’ll be able to set up your engagement.


Need more help?


With FAQ Bot forms you can collect information from chat users directly in the conversation, send that data via email or API, and optionally, send data back to users.

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