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Schedules are a new way to specify the times and days your bot will perform a particular action.

For example, you may wish to schedule a different welcome engagement on weekdays vs the weekend. Or set specific hours when you are available for live chat.

Schedules include options for days of the week and optionally time during each day selected.

The day/time are fixed to the time zone of your bot (generally NZ Standard Time)

One or more schedules can be added to an engagement, allowing for flexible activation and deactivation. This removes the need to turn engagements on/off at set times (although this is also still possible).

How to create a schedule

Step 1 - create new schedule

Schedules can be found in the Actions menu in the portal.

Step 2 - give the schedule a name and specify the day(s) and, optionally, hours the schedule will apply

Step 3 - apply schedule(s) to engagement(s)

Find the relevant engagement in your engagements list (or create a new engagement), and add the schedule you created to your engagement. More about engagements.

Schedule scenarios​

I want to offer live chat only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Create a Mon/Wed/Fri live chat schedule, and apply that to your live chat engagement.

I want to promote an offer regularly on a Monday 

Create a Monday schedule, and apply it to an engagement featuring that offer - maybe a welcome (conversation start) engagement?

Then, if it's a Monday, your customers will see that specific welcome when they open your bot.

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