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User management

FAQ Bot has four different user roles, allowing you to grant different permissions to different user types.

User Roles


Can access all screens except Live Chat and cannot modify anything. This role is good for those interested in your bot's analytics/data but not actively working on the bot.


A live chat agent. Can access Live Chat Inbox and Archive screens only. 

Can accept any live chat candidate, and can view and send messages to their own chats (ie not to chats accepted by other agents). 



Can access all screens except User Management.  

Can make changes to any features except user management, including configuration settings, knowledge base and engagements.

Typically, a publisher is involved in the day-to-day monitoring and management ofthe bot.manages the bot



Can access all screens

All of the permissions that a Publisher role has, plus access to user management. Can create new users, delete users, change users' roles, change passwords.

Managing users

FAQ Bots with an Admin role can manage users.

User management is accessed via the Configuration menu in the portal

From this screen, admins can:

1. add new users

2. Change users details (including name, email address, role and password).

Form builder

Use the Forms page in the FAQ Bot portal to set up custom forms.

3. Unlock a locked account. Accounts are locked after 5 incorrect attempts to enter a password.


Currently, Admin users will not be able to see or change their own details on the user management screen. To change their password, they should go to their Profile. If you get locked out of an Admin account, you will need to contact us to unlock it.

Need more help?

Live Chat

Live chat gives FAQ Bot the best of both worlds - escalate a bot conversation to a human when your customers need extra help, or you have staff available.

FAQ Bot automates service and sales with chat

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