FAQ Bot can provide better customer experience in so many ways. Here are a few scenarios...

Scenario: A customer comes to your contact page looking for help​

FAQ Bot uses your knowledge base to automatically answer questions, in the language your customer uses. 

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Scenario: Your customer service staff need to work from home

FAQ Bot’s live chat feature is fast to implement and gives your team the ability to answer customer questions directly – no extra tech required, no per agent fees.

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Or a customer clicks through from an EDM or Google Ad wanting extra information about the promotion 

Provide a contextual welcome message that is relevant to that promotion/EDM – to provide a seamless customer experience. 

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Scenario: On a checkout page customers often have questions about delivery and shipping 

FAQ Bot can pre-empt these questions by putting the information at the customers fingertips. 

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Or a job hunter on careers page is asking about open positions or company culture

You can provide a list of open positions, images or videos as well as the HR contact details or get the details of the potential candidate using a chat form.

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Scenario: Customer clicks the support link in your ‘order confirmed’ email to get status update

As part of our custom plan, FAQ Bot can be integrated with your ERP to provide real time order updates.

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