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FAQ Bot product updates - new features 

bug fixes and announcements

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Conversation history & score over time

Conversation history - view an entire conversation in the portal, linked to knowledge base insights

Conversation score over time - see how your conversation score is tracking 📈 in FAQ Bot analytics

Easy bot styling and customisable callouts 💬

Easy styling - change your bot’s avatar, position on the page and colour scheme directly within the FAQ Bot portal - no code or developers required.

Customised callouts - powered by engagements, you can now customise callouts to promote content, promotions and events, highlight your bot and invite interaction.

Scheduling and mobile-friendly live chat inbox

A new scheduling feature allows you to apply one or more schedules to your engagements. This allows you to receive live chat requests only during working hours, for example.

Live Chat inbox is optimised for mobile - so you can view and respond to live chat requests and messages on the go, on your mobile device.

Log in persists for a day now - you won't need to log in again every time you return to the FAQ Bot portal.

And all live chat configuration options are now consolidated on a single screen.

User management, live chat improvements

Highlights of this release include:

  • User management now available in the portal

  • Live chat improvements - new "pending chat" state and form entries now visible in the live chat history

  • Improved language handling and support for te reo Māori (machine translation only)

  • New engagement cues - check out the full details of all the ways you can now trigger engagements on our Engagements page.

Conversation persistence

Highlights of this release include:

  • Conversation persistence on the web - so if you navigate to a different page, the chat remains

  • Editable questions and chit-chat answers in the knowledge base

  • Browser title notifications for Live Chat

  • Email notifications for Live Chat

Live chat

Live chat available on all supported channels

Knowledge Base display questions

Chit-chat handling changed

Chit-chat moved to the knowledge base (customer-by-customer basis).

Performance improvements

Performance improvements for FAQ Bot insights and knowledge base.

New capabilities in knowledge base insights

Enhancements to knowledge base insights to make it easier to monitor, manage and train your bot.

These include tagging, improved information about "Did you mean?" questions, and the ability to add question variants directly from insights.

Teams, Google Analytics and video

Analytics for Microsoft Teams

Google Analytics support

Support for YouTube video content in knowledge base and engagements

Welcome messages become part of a wider range of engagement options

Welcome messages

Configure welcome messages with buttons and forms, directly in the portal.

New chit-chat intents added.

Facebook Messenger agent escalation.

Self-service forms

Self-service form builder

Second welcome message actions

Filtered analytics

FAQ Bot automates service and sales with chat

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