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Getting started is easy!
And we are here to help if you need it.

You can update your chatbot any time you like. No developers required

We have services to speed up this process if you need additional support. 
And we provide helpful hints to improve your chatbot.

Chatbot data can be more revealing than web data, helping you identify user patterns and preferences, and maybe even gaps in your knowledge base.

Access & analyse information from all chats, including:
- the question asked
- the answer given 
- rating/satisfaction
- language


We're here if you need us.


Your implementation and FAQ Bot journey can have as much or as little involvement from our team as you'd like.

You can do all the set up yourself, or supercharge your journey with our setup services. We've had lots of experience getting the process right for different businesses. 


Get in touch with our sales team to arrange this after you sign up. 

Ongoing Support

With your FAQ Bot licence you have access to on-going support and maintenance. This includes, phone and email support, and product updates as they are available.


Get in touch with our sales team to find out more about our product roadmap. 

Gary Richardson

GM Sales & Marketing / Hirepool

“We went with live chat first, so we could spin something up quickly, and learn from our customers as we went along.

We could answer their questions in real time, see what they wanted to know, and then use this info to automate responses when we weren’t available – all in a single web interface.” 


FAQ Bot automates service and sales with chat

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