Chatbot acts as digital employee for NZ Domain Name Commission

The Domain Name Commission launched its chatbot, Any, earlier this year to help members of the public with their .nz enquiries. Like Hirepool, the Domain Name Commission got started by offering live chat (i.e. a real person behind the scenes) to answer .nz enquiries to Any, giving the team the chance to find out what kinds of things people were asking.

Examples of questions asked in live chat sessions

They then used this live chat data to build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers for instant, automated responses 24/7. This provides a great service for customers while freeing up the time of the Domain Name Commission team.

It’s fair to say Any has made a significant difference to our small 5 person regulatory business here at the New Zealand Domain Name Commission. 
Since we launched Any we’ve seen a 146% increase in enquiries between March and June this year compared to last year. Any answered 55% of these enquiries which has been pretty remarkable. 

Commissioner Brent Carey describes Any as their "newest employee", designed to help members of the public with their .nz enquiries.

Any, our FAQ Chatbot from Theta, is treated like any other employee. They are involved in our processes, quality framework, our website and customer interactions. When it comes to continuous improvement we ask ourselves what would Any think?

Carey and his team keep a close eye on Any's performance, via FAQ Bot's built-in analytics, and in a consolidated Digital Operations dashboard in Google Data Studio.

Analytics - FAQ Bot portal and Google data studio
Our customers have been pretty chuffed talking to Any, recording a high quality score for their interactions. 

The "recruitment" process for Any was straightforward and speedy, and they are a fast learner too - all great qualities in a customer service chatbot!

Kate has been super helpful with setting up Any in record time and continuously helping us improve our digital employee. Thanks to all the team at Theta. 

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